About Us

Why Sword Ceramics ?


SWORD unique blend of international expertise yields wall tiles of outstanding beauty and resilience. The flair of the best designers is combined with state-of-the-art Italian technology and skilled craftsmanship. This fascinating merge of cultures results in a dazzling array of the designs, both classic and modern, presented in a range of vibrant, long-lasting colors. With a complete range of products, SWORD tiles are an unbeatable choice for both commercial and domestic use.

Our Mission


SWORD tiles features high quality, original pattern and diversified varieties. Since launching into the market, the products have earned high popularity from the domestic consumers and distributors. The sales network of the company covers throughout outside INDIA currently has developed over 350 dealers network and exclusive stores in WORLD. Besides focusing on the development at home, SWORD tiles opened his hands to international market. Pay attention to the market trend, SWORD has accumulated rich experience, and has transferred the pressure into promotion

Our Vision


From thumping beginning nearly 25 years ago in 1990 in ceramic industries at Morbi, Gujarat state, India, our group has carved a niche place in the heart of ceramic world. Our focus in SWORD is on luxury and exclusivity in tiles surfaces with some of the most innovative designs kind instinctive creativity. SWORD’s unique style of creation showcases tiles with sparkle of diamonds and gleam of gold. Inspired by iconic cocktail of pattern, rhythm, texture and feel, each floor tile stands out unique as the brand SWORD luxury tiles.

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