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Eyes towards prosperity ... .

Providing a good environment to all the employees enabled us to achieve our goals and objectives, while making them more powerful and creative with their ideas. Starting from small we have reached now at the stage where the identity is easily recognised in the market because of noticeable progress we have made in launching the exceptional styles and tough enduring products. Each designs are unmatchable as these are not imitated but created. The eyes are now towards emerging betterment and prosperity on every level of theSword's presence.

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The life cycle of products The life cycle of products

Our Strengths


Culture and people

Success never comes to lone one. For all these years we have worked as a team with the virtues of workmanship that India is known for.


Revenue and Growth

Past speaks of the identity of the progress from small sector, now we have reached to our full grown potential as a leading manufacturer of Cera Products.


Experience and performance

Experience being in this industry, put us forth knowing the need of updatesand changing requirements; on which we have never failed giving fusion of hardcore make and exclusive designs.


Cost and Margin

An affordable luxury of not just outside but with inside durability can be delivered by Sword only; to make that happen we reduced the benefits for your convenience and satisfaction.

Eco friendly

World cannot run without the natural beauty which inspires us everytime for offering a wide range of products and styles, we then too,be careful of the process we are indulged into while it’s making. New possibilities of styles come from the enigmatic beauty of world’s nature, not risking this we follow and maintain all the precautions for keeping it safe. Even the packaging goes under the inspection of team to ensure of used eco friendly material. Licenced for exporting to many countries, is also the result of our high standards of eco friendly machineries and system at every stage.


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