Serving the best for the grandeur outcome while creating masterpieces of styles and designs,has been our focused aspect, being fulfilled always with the evolutionary technology we have applied. Us as professionals never made the working style to go as ordinary. We give specialized training for every employees in order to make them confident by their perfectionist and ideal performance. Those given training only, handle the plant and manufacturing procedures as the Italian style make requires knowledge along with the experience to use it for creating ceramic products of Class Lead.

2015 Year

Porcelain Stoneware

The production process for porcelain stoneware takes place in plants with ISO14001 certified quality system and uses raw materials selected by our laboratories, obtained from quarries all over the world and by combining tile body mixes with different types of minerals during pressing. We realize a huge range of products similar in appearance to natural stones and marbles, but with higher and oustanding technical characteristics.

Innovation and Passion

We don’t work with employees but the Artists, who supports the whole Sword's concept to get achieved by the use of artistry and distinctive thoughts for arriving at uncommon looks that soothes the eyes of all. This passion speaks of our existence in the Global market. And dedicated to giving standardized products, we aim at reaching the desired satisfaction of customers and professionals like interiors and architects.

2016 Year